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Name: Gopher
Sex: Male
Classification: Unknown, Magic capability
Affiliation: Noah
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"I am not sure what you're doing here, but I doubt you have business with me. I live to serve Noah sama, and he is the only person important to me. I hope some day Noah sama sees me as worthy of collecting, with my own special place in his book. Until his goals are met it would serve you well to keep out of our way."

Independent nsfw RP blog for the character Gopher from the manga Soul Eater.


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So I had an interesting anon today on my new blog, from an old rp’er of the character I played, and they said they were happy that I was playing him and doing him justice.

It made me think of this blog. Made me wonder if there was another Gopher out there, and how I’d feel about them. Would I be happy they loved gopher just as much? it always felt like no one did, so it might be nice?

I’ve wondered about the state of the fandom, how things have been.



((Hello there!! friday there is a convention near me called Louisville Anime Weekend! If anyone I know is going to be there, it would be super cool to say hi to you!

I have a hotel room booked for it, and I was going to have godofthepawns come with me, but due to moving they were unable to join me.

I have a room to myself, so if any of you are interested in coming and hanging out with me and can get to Louisville this weekend, send me a message! Pay for the badge and food yourself, but free room and me.))

reblogging from my other blog if people are still here

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If I ever come back to this blog i’m going to have to clean it up a lot won’t I? hah hah not looking like that’s ever going to happen, but i do check here sometimes.


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glances quietly at this blog and wonders how people are doing

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//My new blog is really satisfying. if anyone is wondering where I’ve been, I have a passion. I adore rping in the Durarara!! fandom and right now my perception is that it beats every fandom I’ve ever been in. It’s making me think I might not come back to this blog for a long time. So if you’re finding yourself on my blog and wondering where I am or what I’m doing now, well there ya go.


looks like things i would design

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when u try to caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing ur heart rate with no discernible changes in levels of exhaustion  


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its not you its (your the)me 

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the thesis for my day is apparently “Enthuses all over everyone”

here is my new blog. I am currently extremely excited, as I am getting a welcome that may possibly rival my experience being pulled into the body of the soul eater fandom. 

like a white blood cell absorbing bacteria, the durarara fandom may in fact have a stronger immune system than even you, soul eater.